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About us

When you’re seriously in trouble and need to find a source for extra money fast, we might be able to help. We have an extensive list of online lenders who you can trust, and we are willing to share that list with you. By going through our list, it saves you the time of looking for a lender on your own, one by one. When we send your request out to our entire list of lenders, you have a better chance of being accepted quickly.

Get cash when you need it the most

Everyone knows that the unexpected can happen at any given moment. When that happens to you and you need quick cash to cover any unforeseen event, contact us. We are ready to help!

Expect Quick Turnaround

When you send your online inquriy form to us at Expert Cash Advance, you can expect a quick answer. If accepted, a lender will get in touch with you and even send you a fast loan offer to sign.

Simple Fee Structure

There’s no need to worry about hidden fees or charges that will be added onto your loan contract. Every fee you need to pay will be clearly stated on your offer before you sign.

Advantages of Online Bad Credit Loans

Easy to Access

When you need money quickly, what could be easier than sending in a short, online form? You don’t need to leave your home, it takes a few short minutes and very quickly you can receive a reply. Instead of fretting over the lack of funds or worrying about those expenses that need to be covered, send in your online request form.

Loans with No Fuss

Did you know that it’s really easy and fast to send in a request for an online bad credit loan? It only takes a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire and send it to Expert Cash Advance. When our staff receives your loan request, they’ll share it with our list of trusted lenders, so that you will get a fast reply.

Short and Sweet Online Form

We don’t want you to get stuck answering a lot of questions or filling out multiple forms. That’s why we created one short form that does it all. To help you find a lender for a quick cash loan, we only need a few details about yourself. We’ll pass that on to lenders and if more information is required, they’ll let you know. Let’s get started on your quick loan now!

Quick Answers to Popular Questions!

How can I know if I will be accepted for a bad credit loan?

It’s pretty easy really. Just fill in the online inquiry form and send it to Expert Cash Advance. Right away, we’ll forward your request to our group of online lenders. If it is accepted, you will be notified quickly and you’ll get an offer to sign. Yes, it’s that easy!

How are payments made with bad credit loans?

There might be some payment options, but your lender will advise you. The most popular methods of payment include taking cash into a specific store in your vicinity or setting up an automatic withdrawal from your personal bank account.

Will I be restricted in how I spend the money?

No – there are no restrictions at all as to how you use the funds. When you get the money, it’s yours and no one will advise you or restrict you on how it’s to be spent.

How do I find out when payments are due?

When you sign a loan contract, a schedule of payments should be included. If you have any further questions about the due date, feel free to contact your lender.

What Are You Waiting for?

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